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Dr Gaby Prinsloo Biography

Dr Gaby Prinsloo is a medical doctor, executive coach and trainer, passionate about using integrative medicine to optimise health, wellness and performance.

With 20 years of experience in treating and coaching individuals, Dr Prinsloo studied medicine in South Africa, graduating in 2001, and completed a PhD in stress management and executive performance in 2012.

In addition to practicing integrative and functional medicine, Dr Prinsloo has specialised in executive wellness and performance for the last 8 years. She recently relocated to London, where she practices at IV Boost UK, delivers lectures and develops and facilitates bespoke workshops covering energy, stress, wellness, performance and leadership.

Dr Prinsloo is a qualified coach, hypnotherapist, and yoga teacher and has studied sleep, nutrition, meditation, mindfulness, psychology, functional medicine and many other healing modalities, all of which she integrates into her holistic, science-based approach.

Dr Prinsloo takes a 360-degree view of her clients to assess their health, addressing physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental and social influences in order to develop the very best treatment strategy to address their concerns.

Using a fully integrated and science-driven approach to help her clients, Dr Prinsloo focuses on harnessing energy to improve wellness, thinking and performance, to deliver successful outcomes. She challenges her clients to rethink what is possible, and empowers them to achieve beyond their dreams.


Wellness and Performance Coach

Image of Dr Gaby Prinsloo, Wellness and Performance Coach

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