Scientists at Harvard University are exploring whether there is a molecular fountain of youth. Introducing the co-enzyme NAD+ to mice, David Sinclair and his team were able to reverse the functional age of the muscle tissue, increasing muscle tone which decreases as you age.

Oxidative stress and free radicals

In recent years, it has become obvious that the biggest damage to any tissue in the body, particularly the skin, is oxidative stress caused by free radicals. As you age, lack of oxygen signals to the cells that its time to go and as levels of NAD+ deplete they stop functioning effectively.

Dr David Sinclair reported to the journal Cell that – in mice – they were able to use NAD+ to revive old cells, making them biologically youthful, turning two-year-old mouse tissue into 6-month old tissue. Basically, in human terms, that’s the same as turning a 60-year old into someone just barely out of their teens.

NAD+ is a cellular compound known in full as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It’s found in every cell and one of its roles is transfer energy from the foods we eat into fuel that is required for that cell’s vital functions. It also works as a switch for the genes that are responsible for the ageing process.

As NAD+ is a naturally-occurring substance so boosting levels in the body should have no adverse effects. Now, studies are looking into whether these benefits can be extended to humans.

Not just lines and wrinkles

It’s not just the visible signs of ageing that boosting levels of NAD+ can combat:

  • brain neurodegeneration that underlies serious health concerns such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s
  • vascular inflammation that can result in stroke or heart attack
  • increased storage of fat in the liver and on the abdomen
  • increased blood sugar levels
  • fatigue and loss of muscle density and strength
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