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Immune Booster Shot

Our secret weapon to activate and support your immune system

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Combined botanical booster shots to bolster your immunity

Why Choose IV Boost

  • Strengthen the immune system’s response to viral infections
  • Stimulate the immune system into action
  • Reduce severity of symptoms and shorten recovery time

Combined Immune Booster Shot

Our synergistic Immune Booster shots – Engystol® and Gripp-Heel® – work together to activate and support the body’s immune system. Our secret weapon to bolster the immune system, both originate from homeopathic botanical ingredients and come with plenty of clinical evidence behind the effectiveness of their action. Specifically recommended to help treat viral and upper respiratory infections, they seek to strengthen the immune system’s response – so even if you do catch a viral infection, you should experience milder symptoms and a shorter recovery time.

Designed to be taken together, Engystol® stimulates the immune system into action while Gripp-Heel® helps to activate the immune response of the body’s cells to remove viral toxins and tackle the infection source.

Engystol® and Gripp-Heel® are both very well tolerated and have no known side effects or contra-indications making them a welcome addition to our menu.

Administered in minutes, the full course of shots to gain maximum benefit comprises two sessions a week for three weeks

What happens on the day of your appointment at our London clinic?

Medical consultation

Our highly trained specialist doctors will consult you to check your health and agree a vitamin shot to suit your needs.

Have the shot

One of our expertly trained nurses will give you your therapeutic shot: it takes just five to 10 minutes.

Enjoy your day!

You can rest for a few minutes or leave straight away to resume your day. Some clients feel immediately better: others feel the improvement later or the following day.

To ensure your safety and to maximise the effectiveness of your treatment we require all new patients to have a medical consultation prior to their first appointment.
This costs £150 and is included in your treatment package.
If for any reason you don’t progress with a treatment, you will only be charged £150 for the consultation and no treatment fee.

3 weeks (6 sessions)



twice weekly injections

From having a course compared to purchasing individual sessions


From having a course compared to purchasing individual sessions


From having a course compared to purchasing individual sessions

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Our patients love how great they feel after an IV therapy session

They report instantaneously feeling refreshed, replenished and rejuvenated as they emerge from our IV Vitamin Therapy treatment.