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The IV Experience

Emerge feeling refreshed, replenished and rejuvenated…

Patients visiting IV Boost UK range from those wishing to supplement conventional medical treatment for more serious health concerns to those looking for more energy, increased fitness, a boost to the immune system or to restore inner well-being. IV Vitamin Therapy delivers valuable nutrients directly to where they are required by the body for optimal function. Patient care is prioritised at IV Boost UK and we aim to make your experience as calming and soothing as possible, by combining state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge medical treatments and holistic care.

What can I expect from my IV Vitamin Therapy experience?

Dr Joshua Berkowitz, our founder, is a highly experienced and respected medical doctor who firmly believes that any treatment we offer be both safe and beneficial. When you arrive at IV Boost UK, located in a convenient central London location, you’ll be assessed by one of our specially trained IV experts to ensure that IV Vitamin Therapy is the right procedure for you. Once your treatment programme is devised, the IV Vitamin Therapy experience can begin. Depending on your specific treatment, it can take from 15 minutes for an IV push to an hour for an IV drip. Our aim is to create an oasis of calm in the centre of London where you can start on the path to better health and a better you. We have two IV treatment rooms with treatment beds for you to lie back, close your eyes and enjoy a feeling of complete peace. Enjoy music as medicine; the therapeutic benefits of music for relieving stress and creating a feeling of well-being have long been recognised and at IV Boost UK we have the Sonos Music System. Sonos is the very latest in wireless smart music systems which allows multi-room use, perfect for offering our IV patients individually-tailored IV experiences. Download the Sonos app from the App Store, Google Play or the Windows Store (links below) and connect to our Sonos system. You can create your own play list, tune in to your preferred radio station, or listen to one of our suggested music selections, chosen for optimal relaxation while you are undergoing your IV Therapy. Alternatively, some of our patients use their time to catch up and we offer free Wi-Fi so you can stay connected. Or come with a friend or partner and take advantage of our dedicated social area where you can chat and enjoy the complementary refreshments on offer in beautifully decorated, contemporary surroundings.

To learn more about the benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy, call today on 020 3095 0002