The Top 5 Health Benefits of Zinc

It’s been described as the wonder mineral with various health benefits. In fact, one scientific study stated that zinc is so critical for human health that even a small deficiency could be a ‘disaster’. Why is zinc so necessary for continued good health? Zinc is found in every part of the body, from your organs, tissues, bones, fluid and is an important cell component. It also plays an essential role in wound healing, blood clotting and the function of your thyroid. Below you will find the 5 most important health benefits of zinc: 1) Enhances Athletic Performance One of the most important health benefits of Zinc is how it plays a vital role in the production of various hormones such as testosterone and growth hormones. These hormones help to build strength and your ability to perform at peak efficiency. Recovery from strenuous exercise can also be boosted. 2) Improves Fertility Levels Zinc’s ability to boost testosterone levels means that a zinc deficiency can cause low libido in men and have a devastating impact on male fertility. For women, zinc is necessary for the development of eggs and the ovulation process as it affects oestrogen and progesterone production. Furthermore, zinc can help alleviate menstrual problems and premenstrual syndrome. 3) Boosts the Immune System Our T-cells are known as the defender cells – they recognise an invader in the form of an infection and quickly multiply so they can fight the infection off. They also ‘remember’ the invader which builds immunity. However, a zinc deficiency will quickly lead to weakened T-cells that can’t do their job efficiently, leaving you prone to viruses. The vital work that zinc does in cell growth and production means that a zinc deficiency has been pinpointed as potentially playing a role in the development of various cancers. 4) Betters Brain Function Recent research has indicated a link … Continue reading The Top 5 Health Benefits of Zinc