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Attomarker Long Covid Antibody Test

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Diagnostic test for Long Covid provides personal picture of health

Our founder, Dr Joshua Berkowitz, has worked tirelessly to align his knowledge and experience of IV, ozone and other therapies to help treat people with Long Covid. While he has seen some promising progress among patients, he has long wished for a diagnostic test to be his start point to treat patients with more precision and confidence.

The Attomarker Long Covid Antibody Biomarker Test gives Dr Josh a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s antibody immunity profile, from which he can recommend targeted intervention.

A gamechanger for the diagnosis of Long Covid, the Attomarker takes much of the guesswork out of diagnosing and treating patients. This, in turn, could speed up a positive response as bespoke therapies can be delivered.

How does the Attomarker Long Covid Antibody Biomarker Test work?

The Attomarker Long Covid Antibody Biomarker Test measures the quantity and quality of antibodies of all Covid variants. A simple finger prick blood sample is all you need to know more as the high sensitivity and specificity of the test allows for reliable results.

The results will show whether you have COVID-19 antibodies in your blood; either natural antibodies after an infection or vaccine antibodies.

By measuring the quantity of antibodies in your blood to various parts of the virus, the test results help predict your degree of protection and how long it should last.

What is the process?

If you suspect you have Long Covid, IVBOOST can help you as follows.

  • Book an appointment with Dr Joshua Berkowitz – in person or online
  • Choose between doing a finger-prick blood test at home or having a blood draw taken at the clinic
  • You or IVBOOST then sends the blood sample to the lab to be analysed
  • Blood samples are analysed using advanced biomarker detection methods
  • Results are presented in a detailed report with actionable insights
  • IVBOOST can then discuss treatment options to help alleviate symptoms at follow-up appointment – in person or online

Peace of mind

The test is fully approved. It carries a full CE Mark and registration with the MHRA, the UK national agency that regulates medical products and technology.


£550 including:

  • Initial consultation with Dr Josh
  • Finger prick test pack or in-clinic blood draw
  • Attomarker laboratory testing
  • Full report and analysis
  • Follow-up consultation and treatment plan recommendation


Our GMC-registered doctor will carry out a thorough medical assessment – online or in-person - to check your suitability for this test.

TAKE THE TEST – at home or in the clinic

You can choose between having a finger prick test sent to your home for your use or coming into the clinic to have a blood test taken by our expert nurses.


Once your results are back from the lab, Dr Joshua Berkowitz will consult with you again to review the findings and make recommendations on what lifestyle changes and/or therapies could help speed your recovery.

Attomarker Long Covid Antibody Test

If for any reason you don’t progress with the Attomarker Long Covid Antibody Test, you will only be charged £300 for the consultation.
Option Price
Consultation, follow-up consultation and Attomarker Long Covid Antibody Test From £550


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