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About Us

The Medical Expertise Behind the IV Boost Clinic

The founder and medical director of IV Boost UK, Dr Joshua Berkowitz, is a certified doctor, registered on the General Medical Council. He has run a busy and successful aesthetic practice in London for many years.

He first came across IV Vitamin Therapy in America and was fascinated by the potential health benefits that this therapy could bring to his London patients.

IV Vitamin Therapy has been practised for many years as an adjunct to conventional medical treatment of a wide range of health conditions. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that supports many of the claims of IV Vitamin Therapy.

As one of the UK’s leading aesthetic doctors, Dr Berkowitz was also fascinated at the rejuvenating potential of IV Vitamin Therapy. A firm believer in holistic medicine, he always addresses a patient’s diet and nutrition when offering more invasive cosmetic treatments. With IV Vitamin Therapy, he can appreciate its cell-deep rejuvenation can enhance natural beauty and restore a healthy glow.

Patient safety is always of prime importance at IV Boost UK.

The first step is always to have a consultation with either Dr Joshua Berkowitz or one of his specially trained nurses, to assess your general health and establish whether you have any underlying health conditions or nutritional deficiencies.

If there is an underlying health concern, then you may be advised to seek the medical opinion and any necessary treatment from your GP first before embarking on IV Vitamin Therapy.

Any side effects of IV Vitamin Therapy are very rare and this therapy can safely be used in combination with the majority of conventional medical treatments. However, we always advise patients to discuss their treatment with their GP or medical practitioner if they have any concerns about underlying issues.


Founder & Medical Director of IV Boost UK

Dr Joshua Berkowitz

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