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Functional Medicine

Healthcare is evolving…

Rather than focusing on a condition or a set of symptoms, our Functional Medicine Service assesses and addresses all a patient’s needs. Our medical director, Dr Joshua Berkowitz, has long held the notion that a holistic approach to healthcare is the key to maintaining life-long health.

By taking a full and comprehensive assessment, Dr Berkowitz can look at diet, nutrition, environmental, medical and lifestyle factors and the impact they are having and will have on your health.

We have also established important partnerships with a number of medical practitioners and nutritional therapists, dedicated to the benefits of functional medicine and can arrange further consultations for those interested in investigating further the benefits of this approach to healthcare.

Why is modern-day healthcare not working?

The current approach to medicine is geared towards the diagnosis or treatment of short-term trauma or illness – once this is done, there is no long-term follow-up or maintenance of a patient’s general health or well-being. Long-term complex health conditions and diseases are often just managed by the healthcare system. However, Functional Medicine believes that, by flipping this approach to medicine on its head, it is possible to prevent many of these long-term problems and improve the treatment options and recovery of the patient.

What can I expect from the Functional Medicine Service?

At our clinic, conveniently located in the centre of London, all the factors that affect your health and well-being will be assessed and then a lifetime treatment plan is devised. This will focus on nutrition, diet and exercise as well as nutritional supplements, in the form of IV Vitamin Therapy. Our highly trained and experienced team can also provide counselling and stress-management techniques to help you cope better with the stress and anxiety that affects many of us.

To learn more about the benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy, call today on 020 3095 0002