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IV Nutrient Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

I keep reading about IV Nutrient Therapy in the press but what exactly is it?

IV Vitamin Therapy has become the new buzzword as celebrities and professional athletes alike praise its many benefits. However, IV Vitamin Therapy is not new. One of the most popular IV Vitamin Therapy treatments is the Myers Cocktail which was developed by Dr John Myers over 30 years ago. IV Vitamin Therapy works by infusing vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This has many benefits; the valuable nutrients are delivered to the cells much more swiftly, no nutrient goodness is lost as happens when nutrients pass through the digestive system and it is also possible to give much higher doses of these nutrients than is possible through oral consumption.

Am I suitable for an IV Nutrient Therapy treatment?

One of the many advantages of IV Vitamin Therapy is that there are few contraindications. You will be assessed at your initial consultation at IV Boost UK to ensure you are suitable for intravenous therapy. Patients who have been feeling run down and in need of a pick me up to face the stresses and rigours of modern day life, report that they have felt instantly restored and rejuvenated after a session of IV Vitamin Therapy. Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals have been linked to the development of many serious health concerns. As with all treatments carried out at IV Boost UK your health is carefully assessed and any serious underlying health conditions should be addressed before embarking on IV Vitamin Therapy.

Can IV Nutrient Therapy make me look younger as well as feel younger?

Dr Joshua Berkowitz, the medical director of IV Boost UK, has run one of the leading aesthetic clinics in London for many years. His approach to aesthetics and anti-ageing has always been a holistic one; rather than addressing a line here or a fold there, treat the patient from the inside out for true rejuvenation. This approach led him to discover the benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy. As well as treating a wide range of health concerns, many of the nutrients in our drips are required for the maintenance of healthy skin and hair. Beauty truly is an inside job.

Are there any side effects to IV Nutrient Therapy?

When used at the correct dosage and in the right combination, the side effects to IV Vitamin Therapy are actually quite rare. Too-high levels of some vitamins and minerals can be harmful to the body which is why the experts at IV Boost UK, London, are always monitoring patients’ well-being throughout their treatment programme. There may be some physical sensation at the site where the IV drip is inserted but that is usually temporary and, very rarely, some patients complain of a slight fever or headache after a treatment, but again this is usually temporary. All the vitamins and minerals that are administered are nutrients that are needed by the body and found in the food we eat. IV Vitamin Therapy works by empowering the innate healing action of the body by giving it the tools it needs.

What can I expect from my IV Nutrient Therapy treatment?

At your consultation at IV Boost UK, based in the centre of London, you will be seen by one of our specially trained IV specialists and your general health is assessed. From here we can prescribe you a treatment programme specially tailored to answer any health concerns or nutrient deficiencies you may have. During the treatment, the solution containing the vitamins and minerals is injected into a vein. This can either be done as a push – which takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes – or as a drip that will take roughly an hour.

How many IV Nutrient Therapy treatments will I need?

Although it is possible to have a one-off IV Vitamin Therapy and many patients report a dramatic improvement after just one treatment – we do believe that a course of therapy is the best option. Treatments can be given once or twice a week and a treatment programme usually consists of 3 or 5 sessions. All therapy programmes at IV Boost UK are bespoke to address your particular health concerns. By committing to a programme, our specially trained IV experts are able to monitor your progress and adjust if necessary. For more information on the benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy, then call us on 020 3095 0002 or click here.