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Enhance Athletic Performance

From professional athletes to those who take their regular fitness regime seriously, IV Vitamin Therapy is fast becoming the new buzzword.

When you expend energy, you churn through the body’s stores of nutrients to power your metabolism. It is your metabolism that converts carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy through a series of chemical reactions and these chemical reactions require certain vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, B-Complex, magnesium and zinc.

How could IV Vitamin Therapy enhance my athletic performance?

IV Vitamin Therapy works in two key ways. Firstly, it improves performance by strengthening the body, topping up levels of the minerals and vitamins that can be depleted by strenuous exercise. Secondly, certain nutrients have been found to reduce fatigue which could help shorten the time it takes you to bounce back after your athletic endeavour.

Which is the best IV Vitamin Therapy to improve my athletic performance?

At the IV Boost UK, London, every treatment is bespoke and tailormade for the individual. This means we assess the patient’s requirements and we can adjust the different levels of specific nutrients. The three nutrient therapies that we’ve found most beneficial for patients keen to improve their sporting abilities are:

Performance Booster; whether you are competing at a high level or just committed to a regular exercise routine, our Performance Booster drip can deliver key energy-producing vitamins and minerals that can also maintain your immune system in the face of strenuous exercise.

Myers Cocktail; the standard Myers Cocktail includes magnesium, calcium, B-vitamins (including B12, B5 and B-6), B-Complex, selenium and Vitamin C, and it has been found effective in improving athletic achievement.

Glutathione IV; recent studies have shown a possible link between Glutathione and increased stamina.

How do I book my Athletic Performance Enhancement treatment programme?

To pack a punch look into IV Vitamin Therapy today.

Patients have found this treatment effective as part of a long-term programme, to prepare you for peak performance and then to keep your recovery on track afterwards.

Performance Booster

Performance Booster IV Vitamin Drip

The ultimate drip for athletic performance enhancement

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