In the role call of super supplements, B vitamins often don’t get the attention they deserve. But, for those in the know, B vitamins are the nutritional powerhouses responsible for the optimal functioning of our brain and nervous system, which impacts on the body’s performance as a whole.

What Do B Vitamins Do?

B-complex vitamins are a group of water-soluble compounds and there are eight main ones; B1 (thiamine) B-2 (riboflavin), B-3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin) and B9, better known as folic acid, and B12 or cobalamin. Cells depend on B vitamins for their proper development, particularly cells in the heart, liver and nerves. They also help convert food into energy, form red blood cells and enhance the immune system.

They are vital for the general health of your skin, bones, hair and muscle, for the optimal function of your bowels and intestines, for the improved health of your liver and cardiovascular system and for relief of moodiness and insomnia, from skin problems and from PMS.

How Do I Get B Vitamins?

B vitamins are not naturally stored in the body. Therefore, they need to be delivered, on a daily basis, from our diet or supplemented. Good sources of these vitamins include cereal grains, green vegetables, beans and peas, liver and some nuts.

As our levels of B vitamins have to be replenished daily, many of us are suffering from deficiencies in these valuable vitamins without even realising, especially if you are following a stringent weight loss diet or, conversely, have high daily intakes of sugar, processed food or alcohol.

Other people at risk of B vitamin deficiencies include those suffering from stress or those on certain medications such as the birth control pill or HRT.

Which B Vitamin Should I Have?

B vitamins all play distinct roles and provide individual benefits. Here’s a list of the B vitamins we offer at IV Boost UK and what they do:

B1 – thiamine – converts food into energy, boosts the immune system and is a valuable defence against stress, eliminating irritability and mental confusion. It has been clinically indicated for use in Alzheimer’s and many anxiety disorders.

B2 – riboflavin – works as a valuable antioxidant so useful in fighting the ageing process.

B3 – niacin – is recommended for lowering cholesterol and is good for those suffering from circulatory problems. One study has discovered that niacin IV treatments are able to improve dietary fat storage in the body with its ability to suppress the metabolic process, known as lipolysis, in the visceral adipose tissue.

B6 – pyridoxine – is effective in treating anxiety and depression and is often described as the ‘anti-stress vitamin’. This vitamin is also good for maintaining a healthy digestive system, improving skin condition and overall good health.

B7 – biotin – more and more is being discovered about this vitamin, but it is important in pregnancy as it plays a valuable role in embryo development. Also good for the health of your skin, nails and hair.

B9 – also known as folic acid, this vitamin is recommended for pregnant women as it supports the growth of the baby and helps to prevent neurological birth defects. It is also good for fighting depression and preventing memory loss.

B12 – cobalamin – fights depression, memory loss and chronic fatigue.

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