Even if you are following a healthy diet, enjoying regular exercise and topping up on vitamins and supplements, it is possible to be deficient in valuable nutrients.

As a result, intravenous therapy is becoming increasingly popular as a way to correct these deficiencies and restore optimal health – or even as an adjunctive treatment for those suffering from more serious health concerns. You may see it advertised at clinics promising a magic bullet, capable of tackling fatigue through to seasonal allergies to neurological disorders, all in one go. You could be left thinking that IV Therapy is the wonder drug that can tackle anything.

IV Therapy is a wonderful treatment,” leading nutritionist Melissa Cohen and Functional Medical Practitioner at IV Boost UK warns, “but to get the optimum benefit, it is imperative that your treatment is customised to you.”

The importance of diagnostic testing

At IV Boost UK we recommend a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation before embarking on any therapy. This can assess your levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. This will form the basis of Melissa’s treatment programme and she can start to reverse any deficiencies that might lead to the development of more worrying health concerns.

The diagnostic tests we offer at IV Boost UK can also predict whether you are able to detoxify effectively, any gluten and lactose sensitivities you may have and if you have a predisposition for developing other conditions.

As Melissa explains: “A blood test can tell you the state of your health today, whereas a DNA test can give you a vision of the future.”

Although we offer a menu of IV treatments, all of these can be customised for the individual patient’s needs, in terms of which nutrients are included and the levels that are used. At IV Boost UK we treat every patient as an individual and it is this understanding of a patient’s unique needs that we believe sets us apart from other IV centres.

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