Telomere Testing Kit


✅ Single use finger prick lancet
✅ Surgical swab
✅ Blood test card
✅ Postage paid envelope
✅ Quick and easy at-home test
✅ Simple card smear
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Product Description

This simple finger pick at-home test will measure your telomere length to reveal your longevity ‘baseline’. The first set of results will show where you are on the percentile graph and indicate your long-term health future. Your aim is to stay on the same percentile with your first telomere test acting as a baseline target.

Once you know your percentile placement, you can make positive lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of disease and increase your ability to age well. Your second telomere test – in a year’s time – will show how well you’re doing.

What are Telomeres?

Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of your chromosomes that maintain the integrity of your DNA, particularly during cell division. Think of them like the plastic caps at the end of shoelaces which prevent fraying!

Telomeres are important for maintaining the stability of our cells, especially those that divide frequently, such as immune cells, stem cells and our digestive system.

Telomere length is governed by genetics and set at birth. As we age, our telomeres naturally shorten while lifestyle choices also affect their length, leading to cellular dysfunction.

As telomeres determine your ageing and wellbeing, knowing your telomere length will help you take responsibility for your future health.

  • short telomeres have been shown to influence the risk of many age-related diseases and syndromes including cardiovascular, lung and liver diseases, immunologic conditions and frailty.
  • longer telomeres are associated with increased risks of some cancers.

IMPORTANT! Your telomere length indicates your risk level of potentially getting these conditions: it is not diagnostic or a definite determination.

What is a Telomere Test?

A Telomere Test plots the length of your telomeres in a chart ranging from 0 to 100 percentiles – a little like a baby’s birth chart – showing where your telomere length lies in relation to people of the same age.

Test results you can trust:

  • IVBOOST uses the proprietary high-resolution STELA methodology.
  • This test has a very low measurement error, ensuring you gain an individual, meaningful result that will allow you to assess the impact of telomere length on your life
  • Widely accepted as the most accurate testing process available
  • Same technology as trusted by the NHS and private clinics
  • Fully ISO accredited
  • Internationally renowned

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