With glorious glowing skin and with barely a line in sight, it’s hard to believe that Yasmin Le Bon has just turned 52. As one of the original supermodels, Yasmin has fabulous genetics and natural beauty in spades, but she puts her renewed vitality and radiance down to a new health supplement that tackles all the signs of visible and intrinsic ageing.

Lumity Life supplements are a two-step formula which enhances the body’s natural cycles. Delivered in a soft gel formulation, the morning supplement boosts vitality levels, contributes to the formulation of collagen and elastin and repairs the oxidative damage that occurs at a cellular level. The night-time supplement rejuvenates and restores the body’s processes, stimulating the production of growth hormones that repair damaged tissue.

As Yasmin commented recently: “What you put into your body really impacts on how you look. Lumity is a fantastic food supplement that keeps my skin radiant and balances my entire system.”

Sara Palmer Hussey, research scientist and creator of Lumity Life, has combined powerful vitamin and minerals which are acclaimed superstars of anti-ageing. What sets Lumity Life apart from the competition, though, are the less famous nutrients that have been harnessed in these supplements.


Glutathione is now seen as the most powerful natural ingredient in the fight against anti-oxidative damage. However, it’s less well-known that glutathione levels are directly supported and boosted by the presence of the amino acid l-cysteine.


Sugar is not only bad for our waistlines; it’s also damaging to our skin as it destroys proteins such as collagen and elastin that provide support, elasticity and plumpness in a process called glycation. Alanine is an amino acid that prevents glycation.


Inflammation is a common response to toxins, skin irritants, environmental damage and sun exposure and it can slow down skin cell renewal. Turmeric neutralises inflammation and keeps the skin radiant and healthy.