The restorative power of vitamin drips for highly successful but super-stressed business executives have become a key storyline of Billions, the explosive TV show that explores the high-octane world of finance. This season, hedge-fund billionaire Bobby Axelrod’s wife, Lara, starts a business supplying intravenous drips to wealthy professionals.

The workplace continues to be competitive and businesses are demanding increased productivity from their employees and the rewards can be great with bonuses, raises and promotions awarded to the most productive member of the workforce. However, this pressure is leading to rising levels of stress which is proven to have a negative impact on your performance.

How does stress impact your ability to perform at work?

The body’s immediate response to stress is a spike of adrenalin that can power you through, helping you to cope with a short-term situation. For many of us though, thanks to overwhelming workloads or challenging working relationships, our stress levels are consistently high and this can quickly start to have a negative impact.

Mentally, stress is proven to affect your ability to process new details or retain existing information, as well as the impact on your capacity for decision-making or following through on projects in a consistent manner. Health-wise, the list of complaints associated with stress is lengthy; it includes headaches, poor sleep patterns, weight gain or loss, blood pressure fluctuations, as well as more serious health problems.

While there is no profession or person that is immune to stress, certain professions can famously lead to burnout, whether that’s doctor, banker or lawyer.

How can a Vitamin Drip make me more productive at work?

Intravenous therapy can help improve productivity in a number of different ways:

Fight infection: offices can be rife with infection and when you’re stressed, the body’s immune system quickly becomes compromised. Our Immunity Booster is a powerful combination of vitamins and minerals that work together to strengthen the immune system. As well as potent vitamin C, this drip also contains Selenium that helps our white blood cells fight off any infections.

Better sleep: one of the most common symptoms of stress is the impact on your sleep patterns; if you suffer from stress you typically sleep less and have poorer sleep quality which affects your ability to function well during the day. Also, while you sleep, your body resets stress hormone levels so your capacity to deal with stressful situations is made worse.

Our Chill Out Booster improves sleep patterns, restores wellbeing to mind and body and reduces fatigue. One of its chief ingredients is Magnesium, a powerful insomnia aid that is proven to improve sleep patterns.

More energy: low energy levels are a common complaint for the busy office worker and our Energy Booster intravenous drip can help you power up, whether that’s to face an upcoming event or just to deal with everyday aggravations. Our drip contains essential B vitamins that aid the body in converting and using energy from the nutrients you consume.

IV Boost UK is situated in a convenient and discreet location in central London, but can also organise a mobile vitamin drip service, whether to your office, a nearby hotel or even corporate health days. As well as individuals, we also have experience in providing intravenous drips to private parties of up to ten people or corporate events of up to 30 people.