What Is a Hangover?

It’s that ‘morning after the night before’ feeling which leaves you with a heavy-limbed sensation, dry throat, raging thirst and a throbbing headache. Bright lights hurt your eyes and any kind of movement has to be undertaken very slowly for very short periods of time.

What Causes a Hangover?

The main issue is the alcohol you have consumed. More specifically, it’s ethanol, a toxic chemical that is a powerful diuretic. 

Diuretic makes you pass urine more frequently and as a result, your body becomes severely dehydrated. As you sweat, have an upset stomach or vomit, these responses increase your body’s dehydration. 

Your hangover symptoms will peak when the level of alcohol in your blood returns to zero. Usually about 12 hours after you consumed your last alcoholic drink.

How to Prevent a Hangover

Before Drinking

If you know you are likely to be having a few drinks, these tips could help minimise the chances of suffering from a hangover (but it is not a guarantee):

  • Make sure you drink glasses of water (ideally alternating between alcoholic drinks)
  • Make sure you eat before you go out (not a highfat meal, but foods to stop you from drinking on an empty stomach)
  • Avoid strong drinks (primarily spirits, but be aware of the high alcohol levels in some beers/lagers/ciders and wines)
  • Do not mix your drinks (for example, if you are drinking beer stay with beer)

Be aware of the dangers of drinking cocktails. Some contain a large quantity of spirits and they are always mixed with sweet, sugary drinks which disguise their strength and potential harm. The sweet taste also means that you are more likely to drink them quicker than other alcoholic drinks.

When Recovering

  • Do not drink more alcohol (the ‘hair of the dog’) or coffee as these will slow down your body’s ability to rehydrate
  • Try to avoid any further stress as this will slow rehydration rates
  • Keep drinking fluids throughout the day. Make sure to strictly drink water, but also supplement your water intake by consuming electrolytes – the salts and minerals which are found in your blood.  Electrolytes can be purchased over the counter at your pharmacy. Always read the label and follow the instructions. If you are in any doubt, speak to your pharmacist.
  • Eat bland food such as toast or crackers to boost your blood sugar without upsetting your stomach
  • Take a standard pain reliever. Make sure to always follow the instructions and never exceed the permitted dose
  • Try to sleep it off

Hydration IV Drip

There is also another way in which you can safely and very quickly resolve your hangover. 

Enter the Hydration IV treatment drip from IV Boost UK. This bespoke treatment is designed to combat the debilitating effects of the hangover. It has a 100% absorption rate as it is delivered directly into your bloodstream (as opposed to the 50-60% when taking fluids/vitamins orally). 

It provides IV therapy fluids and vitamin infusions to rebalance your ionic salts and tackle any toxins in your body, bringing you fast and effective relief.