IV Vitamin Drips is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people experience the benefits of replenishing nutrients for optimal health. As leading London IV experts, we have listened to our patient’s common concerns and combined different vitamins and minerals in a number of key IV cocktails.

IV vitamin drips is a very safe procedure, as we are merely replacing the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis, but before you embark on a IV treatment programme with us we insist on a comprehensive consultation so we understand your motivations and expectations and we can deliver the appropriate treatment for your needs.

Our medical practitioners will explain the benefits of our drips, but here’s a guide to some of the most common nutrients and what they can do:


Levels of this essential mineral are decreasing in our diet and the number of people suffering from a magnesium deficiency is growing. It is required for over 300 metabolic reactions in the body and we need it for keeping bones, teeth, heart and brain healthy. It is also critical for energy production and can help reduce fatigue by promoting restful sleep, amongst other benefits.

Features in:

Magnesium is combined with other valuable energy-producing vitamins and minerals in our Energy Booster IV.


This mineral is essential for a strong immune system and it also plays a role in fertility, good eyesight and as a mood stabiliser. We love it because it promotes healthy skin, hair and nails. Plus, it has multiple other benefits.

Features in:

We include zinc in our Anti-Ageing IV along with vitamins and minerals that can boost collagen production and fight oxidative stress that causes so many ageing concerns.


This is a less well-known, but no less valuable nutrient. It is an amino acid that boosts the immune system and improves liver function. It also reduces stress and improves sleep so its important for general well-being.

Features in:

For those looking for a better balance of mind and spirit, our Chill Out Booster IV can help you reclaim your inner serenity. We combine ornithine with other amino acids such as glutamine and carnitine that can all play a role in reducing stress and fatigue.

Vitamin C

Unlike many of our IV ingredients, vitamin C’s benefits are well known. However, it is less well known that vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin so our bodies are not able to store it and we need to constantly replenish our levels.

Features in:

Vitamin C is so essential for optimal performance of the body that we include it in many of our IV drips and in a standalone high dose drip. Not surprisingly, it plays an important role in our Immunity Booster IV.

Book a consultation and find out which IV drip is best suited to you. We treat every patient as an individual and as well as our comprehensive IV cocktail menu we can tailor your IV treatment to tackle your specific concerns. Call 020 3095 0002 to book a consultation.