Many of us embark on strict New Year’s Resolutions in a bid to get fit or drop the pounds, committing to a routine of exhausting gym workouts or embracing faddy diets that cut out whole food groups. But, did you know that these extreme new habits could be causing damage to your follicles, resulting in poor condition, thinning and even hair loss.

Exercise & hair loss

Regular work outs are good for your hair as they stimulate circulation, lower stress, improve sleeping patterns and boost overall good health, but exercising heavily without considering your nutritional needs can eventually lead to hair loss. If your body becomes chronically stressed it can cause an increased number of the hair follicles to be forced into the shedding phase prematurely in a condition known as telogen effluvium.

Nutritional absorption is affected by over-exercising and deficiencies in iron, zinc, iron and many of the B vitamins are all linked to hair loss. Steroid use is also an increasing problem as it raises testosterone levels in the body; when testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone it causes the follicles to gradually shrink over time, resulting in male and female pattern hair loss.

Extreme dieting & hair loss

Hair health is dependent on a whole host of essential vitamins and minerals and, most of the time, we are able to garner sufficient amounts from a balanced and varied diet. However, if you’re following a restrictive diet or if your body’s nutritional absorption is affected by an increase in your activity levels, then it’s time to look at how you’re getting your vitamins and minerals.

What we need for healthy hair

Our Hair Loss Infusion is a unique approach to boosting hair health, combining some of the key vitamins and minerals your body requires for follicular strength and regrowth. The therapy is composed of two infusion bags – the first contains calcium gluconate, iron, potassium chloride, magnesium gluconate and B Complex, while the second drip bag combines zinc and B12 – so addresses all potential nutrient deficiencies.

Facebook: Are your New Year’s Resolutions resulting in hair loss?If you’ve embarked on a strict new diet or become a gym addict this new year, make sure the result you’re seeing isn’t hair loss. Faddy diets and over-exercising can result in poor condition, hair thinning and even hair loss if nutritional needs aren’t met, which is where our exciting new Hair Loss Infusion steps in.