As the benefits of intravenous nutrient therapy become ever more widely known, many patients at our central London vitamin drip clinic embark on an ongoing treatment programme. But, is there any value in a one-off session?

Here’s some of the key reasons people choose to undergo an intravenous drip:

1. Gearing up for a marathon?

A successful athletic performance is based on a number of different factors; a healthy diet, a well-planned training routine and adequate rest. Our Performance Booster IV Drip can aid in every aspect of your preparation and give you that extra edge on the big day.

We should be able to gain all the vitamins and minerals we require from what we eat and drink, but a number of studies have proven that our diet is becoming increasingly less nutritious. Athletes also burn through their stores of nutrients whenever they expend energy, which is why an intravenous drip that delivers the vitamins and minerals required for optimal performance straight to where the body needs can be an invaluable aid in the run up to a big sporting event.

2. Feeling under the weather?

As we approach the start of flu season, many of our patients opt for our Immunity Booster IV to help ward off seasonal snuffles and sneezes. This vitamin drip supports the immune system in a number of different ways; antioxidants such as cysteine, arginine and, the most powerful of them all, glutathione, fight oxidative stress that can damage our immune system.

Stress and fatigue can make us more vulnerable to infections, so our vitamin drip contains magnesium sulphate, as a magnesium deficiency is often associated with extreme tiredness. As well as energising us physically, magnesium can also help us relax. Our drip also contains both vitamin C and zinc, both of which play an important role in a healthy immune system.

3. Suffering from a hangover?

Festive party time is almost upon us and we see many new patients searching for a quick pick-me-up that can beat the worst effects of a hangover. Our Hydration Drip infuses the body with electrolytes and saline to combat the symptoms of dehydration and flush out toxins, leaving you refreshed and ready to fight another day.

For more information on our range of IV drips and their many benefits, call us on 020 3095 0002.