Here’s some of the key ingredients of our Diet & Detox Vitamin Drip and how it can boost your weight loss efforts:

L-Alanyl-LGlutamin; this essential amino acid is required by the body in large amounts and has a number of benefits for optimal performance of the body. In terms of weight loss, it improves gastrointestinal health, balances mucus production for healthy bowel movement, builds muscle strength, improves athletic performance, stimulates our metabolism and helps to curb many of the cravings that can derail our dieting efforts.

Glycine; this is the performance amino acid – building muscle mass, improving sleep quality, reducing fatigue and boosting energy levels – so essential for anyone embarking on a strenuous exercise programme.

Taurine; among its many benefits, taurine is essential for protecting our liver while it does the important job of detoxifying the body. Taurine helps to protect our liver cells against oxidative damage so they work at peak performance.

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