As well as our clothes feeling far too tight after too many festive calories, we are also being constantly bombarded with marketing messages, gym deals and the latest diets. However, there is no magic pill that will miraculously produce the body of your dreams; long-term sustainable weight loss and optimal fitness can only be achieved by making positive changes to your diet and embracing superfoods can be key to this.

Superfoods are jam-packed with nutrients that can help keep you healthy through the winter months, boost energy levels and even help you lose weight.

The top 5 superfoods

1. Broccoli: this vegetable is rich in important nutrients including vitamin C which is well-known as a powerful antioxidant that can boost immunity and fight off viruses that we are particularly prone to at this time of year.

There are limits to the amount of vitamin C that the body can absorb through diet alone so we offer high dose vitamin C intravenous therapy that delivers it directly, safely and effectively into the bloodstream.

2. Quinoa: often thought of as a grain, quinoa is a truly potent superfood. As a protein, it contains all the amino acids that are essential for rebuilding muscle and it also offers important amino acids and B vitamins for restoring energy levels.

Anyone committed to a getting fit this new year should incorporate quinoa into their diet; our Energy Booster IV is also worth a try as well as it delivers the B vitamins that are required by the body to convert energy from nutrients in our diet.

3. Wild salmon: eating any type of salmon regularly is highly recommended, but wild salmon is thought to contain higher levels of omega-3 fats than farm-raised salmon. These are a potent anti-ageing nutrient. Wild salmon also contains vitamin D and selenium which ensure healthy skin, hair and nails so essential for anyone wanting to look their very best.

Make sure you add salmon to your diet at least twice a week and combine with our Anti-Ageing Booster IV; as well as adding extra selenium it also contains power antioxidants that can fight free radical damage to the skin.

4. Acai juice: researchers at Texas A&M University found that the acai berry is supposed to be richer in antioxidants than cranberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries and these can be easily absorbed by the human body making it the superstar of the berry world.

Antioxidants are our natural defence against free radicals which can cause so much damage to the body. Alongside drinking acai juice, explore our Antioxidant Booster IV which contains powerful antioxidants Alpha-Lipoic Acid, vitamins C and E and selenium.

5. Almonds: our health and well-being is important but let’s be honest. For many of us, our number one new year resolution is to lose weight. For those wanting to shed the pounds this January, then almonds are truly the nut superfood. Nutritionally dense, it contains important minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and iron.

Almonds are also the perfect diet-friendly snack food, thought to help with weight loss, fat reduction and, as studies show, it naturally encourages a reduction in our intake of unhealthy snacks that are full of sugar and cholesterol.

As well as being packed with nutrients, almonds also naturally include a good amount of fat so only a small handful is recommended. If you’re keen to further boost your diet efforts this January, then our Diet and Detox Booster IV can be an effective aid.

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