As a PT and trainer at Third Space and an ex-professional boxer, I know how to eat well, train carefully and look after my body. But I fully recognise that sometimes I need healthcare intervention to support my hectic lifestyle and demanding schedule.

This is where the IV Boost Clinic comes into play: it’s made such a difference to boosting my energy levels naturally that I wanted to share the opportunity with Third Space members.

I’m delighted to know that three pop up IV Boost clinics will be coming to Third Space on:

  • Friday October 25 – from 2pm to 8pm
  • Friday November 29 – from 2pm to 8pm
  • Friday December 20 – from 2pm to 8pm

For many of you, the concept of IV drips outside of an A&E setting will be new. So let me tell you a bit more what to expect.

IV therapy is a highly effective way to renew your energy, support recovery from illness and boost your immunity. Having established what you and your body need, the IV Boost team prepare a bespoke drip with the necessary vitamins and minerals. These are carefully infused directly into your blood stream, where absorption of the nutrition is 100%. The treatment takes between 45 and 80 minutes – depending on what therapy you choose and how quickly your body takes up the fluid.

The IV Boost team is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and their high-level medical training shows in the way they understand what I need – and that may be different each time I visit. Their attention to detail is second-to-none and I am absolutely convinced that regular IV therapy alongside a healthy nutrition and exercise programme is the best way to achieve optimum health.

We are very lucky to have an IV Boost pop up clinic come to Third Space Soho and I hope you’ll give it go. They have created this special menu for us to choose from: I suggest you book up in advance at Third Space Soho Reception as I think these will prove popular!

After an IV Boost therapy, I feel immediately better and buzzy and the effects last over a week. Feel free to catch me at the club if you have any questions.


Performance £195 single drip/£530 for course of 3
Helps treat: Compromised immune system • Pre-event tiredness • Post-event fatigue
Myers Cocktail £250 single drip/£675 for course of 3
Helps treat: Fatigue • Exhaustion • Post-Operative Tiredness • Stress • Burnout
Immune Boost £345 single drip/£828 for course of 3
Helps treat: Lowered immunity • Tiredness • Fatigue
Energy Boost £345 single drip/£828 for course of 3
Helps treat: Energy drain • Toxic Load • Low Mood • Low Concentration.
Curcumin £250 single drip/£675 for course of 3
Helps treat: Inflammation •Red/irritated skin • Auto-immune Disease • Leaky Gut •IBS
Anti-Ageing £345 single drip/£828 for course of 3
Helps treat: Signs of ageing • Oxidative stress • Loss of skin tone • Dull complexion
Chill Out £345 single drip/£828 for course of 3
Helps treat: Stress • Racing Mind • Tiredness • Fatigue
MitoGive Glutathione £250 single drip/£675 for course of 3
Helps treat: Oxidative Stress • Cellular Damage • Low Immunity •Toxic Load • Ageing
MitoGive Glutathione £150 for ‘add-on’ treatment given with any of the above IV therapies