Athletes at every level, from professional to amateur, are always looking for ways to upgrade their performance, whether that’s adding miles to their training schedule or overhauling their diet. One increasingly popular, all-natural performance enhancer is IV drip therapy. Claim your personal best by boosting your levels of essential vitamins and minerals.

Here’s how intravenous vitamin drip therapy can improve your performance every step of the way:

Before: don’t let your training be derailed by aches, strains and stresses. The IV drip we recommend to athletes or anyone wishing to enhance their performance, combines calcium and magnesium which the body uses to support muscle function.

Calcium is not just needed for strong bones; every time our muscles relax and contract, our stores of calcium are burnt through. When we deplete our levels of magnesium and calcium, we quickly start to experience spasms and cramping and become vulnerable to injury.

During: many athletes turn to energy drinks to power through an event, but a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, specially-designed to aid in athletic performance can help you avoid the unnatural high and subsequent crash of energy drinks. Our Performance Booster IV contains important amino acids, such as taurine and carnitine, which are required by the body to convert nutrients into energy.

Successful athletic performance goes beyond the body; mental focus can give you the edge over the competition. We add the amino acid methionine to our Performance Booster IV Drip as it has been shown to have a significant impact on brain function and can even improve spatial awareness.

After: our vitamin drip therapy can also speed up both immediate and long-term recovery. Any form of strenuous exercise affects the body’s delicate fluid balance, which presents directly after any strenuous workout, as muscle cramps, dizziness and fatigue. To combat this common problem, we’ve included an Electrolyte Injection Solution in our Performance IV Drip to maintain optimal hydration.

A rapid return to training is also important. One of taurine’s chief functions is repairing muscle tissue, so you get back to full strength as quickly as possible.

To find out how our Performance IV Drip can help push you over the line, call 020 3095 0002 to book an appointment.