With the temperature dropping and flu season upon us, many of us are keen to know whether there’s a way we can ensure we’re fighting fit all winter long. Whereas our mothers might not have been correct in telling us to wrap up warm or you’ll ‘catch a cold’, we’re certainly more susceptible to infection during the colder months, but why?

Germs rather than the actual temperature on the gauge is the reason why you catch a cold. However, there are a number of reasons why we’re more likely to be ill during the winter.

Why do we get sick in winter?

In a study published last year, researchers found that our genetic make-up shifts at different times of the year to cope with external forces. During the winter, genes that are linked with inflammation and illness increase, whereas in the summer different genes that help regulate blood sugar are expressed more highly. https://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms8000

It’s also natural to huddle inside during the winter months or be more likely to take public transport, meaning any illnesses can spread more quickly as we come into closer contact with sick people.

Turning up the temperature inside also creates a dry heat that creates an atmosphere in which viruses can thrive. When you sneeze, you expel a particle mist that carries the virus. In moist air, the particles will typically remain larger and heavier and will drop to the floor. However, in drier air, they can break down into smaller particles that are more likely to stay in the atmosphere for hours and even days.

During winter, the days are shorter and sunlight can often be at a premium, so our resources of vitamin D which is necessary for the robustness of our immune system start to run low. We become more vulnerable to infection and, once under attack, our body quickly burns through our stores of vitamins and minerals in trying to keep us fit and well. This is where intravenous nutrient therapy can help.

IV vitamin drips and the immune system

We offer a number of drips that can help strengthen our immunity; by combining important vitamins and minerals it is also possible to lessen the intensity of a seasonal allergy and repair your immune system. Boosting energy levels and fighting fatigue can also help. Here are some of the key IV drip ingredient to look out for:

Vitamin B12

Included in our Myers Cocktail, the ultimate vitamin drip combo, B12 is one of the vitamins your body needs when it’s fighting flu. As well as keeping you resistant to disease, B12 is also a key nutrient in the process that converts food into glucose so it’s essential for an energy boost.

Vitamin C

Present in many of our drips and also available as a standalone high dose therapy, vitamin C is thought to work as an anti-viral and antioxidant. There are limits to how much vitamin C it is safe to take orally, so intravenous therapy is a highly effective solution.


A key ingredient in our Immunity Booster IV, zinc plays a unique role in helping the immune system fighting infection. A 2013 study from Ohio State University scientists found that among its many roles, zinc provides a robust control on how our immune system works and a zinc deficiency can lead to excessive inflammation. Although an inflammatory response is the body’s way of fighting off infection, too much can be harmful.

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