For men and women committed to boosting their athletic performance, whether it’s to dominate their 5-aside football game or shave valuable seconds off their personal best, here’s our top tips on how to give your best at all times.

#1 Mind and body combined

Cognitive ability might not be able to physically improve strength, skill and speed, but mental toughness has been identified as a key part of optimal athletic performance. Ricardo Abreu, founder and trainer at Triple Fitness [external link:] recently tried both the Myers Cocktail IV and the Performance Boost IV at IV Boost UK and reported that, “the feeling of wellbeing and mental sharpness was far greater than I could ever imagine and one of the most noticeable effects in the week after my IV drip”.

#2 Reduce recovery time

Recovery is not just about muscle repair, but an all-body recovery that requires proper hydration, nutrition and compression. A bespoke intravenous drip that contains energy-boosting B vitamins and amino acids can reduce recovery time as well as enhancing your work out.

As personal trainer Ricardo knows from personal experience: “I trained legs after my IV drip and my recovery time in between sets went through the roof.”

# 3 Take up yoga

Don’t dismiss yoga as a waste of valuable cardio or muscle-building time; it could be key to taking your athletic performance to the next stage. Increased flexibility keeps your muscles and joints safe as well as increasing your range of movement.

#4 To sleep or not to sleep

Sleep or lack of it can have a huge impact on our ability to function at optimal levels. When you sleep your body is an anabolic, or muscle-building, state meaning a good night’s sleep is key to maximum performance. Ricardo Abreu noted that in the week post-drip there was a huge difference in both the quantity and quality of his sleep.

#5 Hydration is important

Muscles contain a great deal of water so even a small amount of dehydration can affected muscle performance negatively. Muscles that aren’t properly hydrated don’t function at optimum levels.

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